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Austin Peterson
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Live Streaming Project

I am starting to live stream my progress on this project. Check it out:




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Don't be intimidated

Often when teaching / answering questions I come across the question: How do I do X in bootstrap. Everyone inculcated CSS is really frustrated by this question. Why? because more than 9 times out of 10 this question has a false premise, X has nothing to do with bootstrap and this is why you don't know how to accomplish the task. Bootstrap is a great TOOL, and while it is often not used how the writers intended it often gets a bad rap because most people use it as a crutch. X has nothing to do with bootstrap but X has to do with understanding basic CSS principles. The end result is people who rely on boostrap tend to take way longer because they are always stuck on figuring out CSS. Better yet put me side by side with someone who uses boostrap and I guarantee you I can write out the SASS in a more organized fashion than they will ever acommplish with bootstrap in a responsive and more precise way. Nothing wrong with boostrap what-so-ever, JUST DON'T USE IT AS A CRUTCH. CSS is honestly so comedically easy to me that relying on a framework for it would take me longer to code, especially now that we have SASS and SASS mixins.

If you are using bootstrap now is a better time than ever to branch out and learn how to do without it or even create your own grid, flexbox is now completely acceptable now that IE 8,9,10 are phased out, so while I would be giving a video tutorial on how to use inline-block and floats. It is SUPER easy using flexbox. Instead of making my own video I will direct you to someone who did it better.

See not that hard huh, and he was able to do this for a complex grid system without any wasted css code. Also checkout


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My Favorite Terminal Commands

  • grep
  • open/subl
  • ditto
  • scp
  • pipe
  • find
  • lsof -i
  • php -S ip:port


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First post! Welcome. Soon there will be Videos and tutorials on Front-End Web Development.

Let me introduce myself. I first fell in love with Web Development when I was 9 years old. Considering that I am now 25 thats a long career! I started getting client work when I was 17. I was a master at Flash and Action Script, infact when I took an advanced Action Script class in college later in life I realized very quickly that I could be teaching the class, I also realized that flash was 5 years out of date and wondered why they were using it as a part of their core web design classes.

This leads me to my strong belief that Web Developers don't belong at a classic college. Colleges aren't interesting in handing out degree's in Web Development, the closest thing is Computer Science in which case you would not be studying a shred of actual web development. Also it takes them over 5 years to pass a cirrocumuli and the process is so difficult you could be learning things that are 10 years in the past. I have sat in on many interviews where the person with the fresh college degree walks in and they are just clueless, then the guy who didn't go to college or dropped out has tons of interests in the field and doesn't reek of that 'iv been learning how to drink for 4 years' vibe.

Due to this and the fact that my portfolio goes out of date every year I am starting to create video tutorials on Front-End Web Development. Hope you enjoy.